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Meet Yoselin, SLI scholar

Pictured: SLI scholar Yoselin (Huguenot High School ’24) and her family at her quinceañera in 2021.

SLI: What are some of your interests?

Yoselin: I love to draw and write. I am interested in learning about sewing, and I love the thought of designing clothing. Some of my favorite classes are both English and science, which are the main classes I’ve had.

What would you like to share about your family or life history?

My parents came from Guatemala to California and later to Virginia. They had me here, in Richmond. 

What are your college/career goals?

I want to go to college to experience and learn. I want to learn more about the science of the human body and join the medical field as a registered nurse, or work in the ER.

Why did you decide to become part of SLI?

SLI has helped me realize I might need extra help, considering I would be the first in my family to go to college. I do not have an older sibling who has graduated from college and could guide me. I was also interested in the many opportunities that SLI offers, and I met such wonderful people. I even made an awesome friend from SLI and we talk almost every day! I love being part of SLI. It is an incredible experience. I’ve heard from those who have gone into SLI and shared their experiences, and I agree with them: SLI is a life changer, and with the help of everyone I’ve learned so many things since I’ve joined! I do not regret joining.