Testimonials from educators

Why educators support SLI, in their own words

SLI scholars are amazing human beings who have lived experiences far beyond those of most their age; their resilience and courage are an inspiration to me as a parent and an educator. –Lara Coggin, ESOL Teacher, Richmond Public Schools

SLI scholars are motivated, hard working students! Every one I have met has impressed me with their enthusiasm and positive mindset. –Fawn-Amber Montoya, Associate Dean of Honors College, James Madison University

SLI opens doors of opportunity through experiences and funding to support student development of skills and mindsets to prepare them for college. These talented students are so important for our future! –Patrick Lintner, Chief Academic Officer, Harrisonburg City Public Schools

I want to help deserving Latino scholars further their education. –MarthaJune Graber, Retired Spanish Teacher

It is important for the health and strength of our democracy for all groups to be able to contribute and to thrive. –Ann St. Clair Lesman, Professor Emerita, Shenandoah University

I support SLI scholars because their voices, perspectives, and experiences are necessary at the college level. –Bryan Pearce-Gonzales, Professor of Hispanic Studies, Shenandoah University

The future strength of our community lies in our young people! –Laura Feichtinger McGrath, Director of EL Services/Title III, Harrisonburg City Public Schools

I support SLI to support the leadership and potential of our Latino students. –Jenna Martin-Trinka, Reading Specialist, Harrisonburg City Public Schools

I support SLI because I see the impact it has on HHS students as they pursue their dreams and achieve academic success! –Anda Weaver, Assistant Director of Counseling, Harrisonburg City Public Schools

I have had the good fortune of working with and learning from SLI scholars over the last few years, thanks to the kindness of Dr. Carlos Alemán, who invited me to join them. When the students join my classrooms at JMU for one day visits or semester-long collaborative projects, they make my life and the life of the students around them richer with their energy, enthusiasm, and insights. They consistently elevate the conversations we have in my literature courses about identity and belonging. But the most impressive thing to me about them is the way they in turn create a culture of belonging: They have welcomed me into the community they have built with one another with a sense of openness that is humbling. I do my best to support the SLI scholars because I admire each and every one of them. –Allison E. Fagan, Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of the Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies Minor, James Madison University