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Meet Osvaldo, SLI scholar

Huguenot High School ’25

SLI for me..bundles you up with wisdom. The program is great and provides an enrichment of knowledge and opportunities, some of which would have been unimaginable coming from a first-generation Mexican household. There is a lot to gain from this amazing program, they prepare you to get into college as well as to know how to survive within college, never leaving you alone. Guidance never fails to be present in this program as they always make sure to show you the correct path in all circumstances. I am very thankful for [teacher and SLI program director] Ms. Orellana since she introduced me to this incredible program where I met the charismatic Professor Peter Kaufman [SLI founder and program director]! I am also really thankful for him. Thank you so much to the extraordinary SLI team that made all impossible dreams possible, none of this would’ve been possible without you all.

After high school I picture myself attending college while taking courses that support my dream of being an actor. I’d also like to take business courses. 

Well-recognized YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast, has always been a huge inspiration for me ever since I was young, and is now someone I look up to. He has a lot of given traits that make him someone bright, such as his humorous personality. Despite him being a multimillionaire he gives back to the most needed communities or just complete strangers he finds at any location no matter what. I would also like to open my own YouTube channel in the near future to be able to spread my fun personality along with giving back to those who need help in many communities. 

Since day one my family has always been beside me pushing me to strive for the best. I have learned how to be an individual full of discipline, respect, and humbleness thanks to my parents. I have and continue to receive a bundling amount of motivation throughout my academic journey which really reflected the support my family has always carried on me. Though I make mistakes, a lot of them, I am reminded to try to perform the best I can even when committing tiny errors. Fun is a must when my sisters and I do anything together. My family constantly emphasizes how they are my biggest fans when it comes to my dream of being an actor. I will continue to work hard to make them proud.

My parents immigrated from Mexico to Richmond, Virginia, where I was born. I am Mexican-American as well as the only male child in my household. Anytime I get stressed I head for my soccer ball. Playing soccer outside is also one of my get-away passions.