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Cheer for SLI scholars

Intense grit and determination are staple attributes of SLI scholars, to an inspiring degree. In this pandemic, perhaps all of us need more of these – along with copious amounts of moral support and friendship. 

You are invited to cheer for SLI scholars here – or learn more:

Even as schools are closed for the academic year and college admissions offices are figuring out how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, SLI is committed to its scholars. 

Until we can again serve our scholars in person, we’re doing what we can – through social media and online writing and reading assignments, for example. And donors continue to step up to fund the college scholarships, computer awards, and dual enrollment tuition assistance that SLI scholars are counting on for this fall.

A Zoom session for Winchester SLI scholars and mentors

Cheer for SLI scholars by writing words of encouragement to them in the comments for this Facebook post. Maybe you know what it’s like to be the first in your family to pursue higher education. Maybe you admire determination. Maybe college was a life changing experience for you, and you wish the same for SLI’s graduating seniors. 

Your heartfelt words will be meaningful. Go for it.


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